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 Seisei's Bio

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PostSubject: Seisei's Bio   Fri Oct 16, 2009 12:40 am

Name: Seisei
Nickname: None
Age: Unknown
Birthday: 8/7
Gender: Male
Height: 3'6
Weight: 72 lbs
Sexual Orientation: Bi
Relationship Status: Single
Race: Homunculus
Occupation: Student

Build: Light
Hair: Golden Blonde
Eyes: Red
Clothing: A green schoolgirl outfit. When at the beach he usually wears a light blue frilled one piece swimsuit. Partly for taste, and partly due to the fact he dislikes his gem being seen.
Identifying Marks: A small ruby is embedded in his chest.
Overall Appearance:

Likes: Sweets, eggs, soccer and volleyball, plushes, painting
Dislikes: Being ignored or bossed around, spicy food, his ruby being seen
Fears: Very sensitive about his ruby, hates tight spaces.
Goals: Whatever seems fun at the moment.
Seme or Uke (Top or Bottom): Both, though his bossiness usually puts him in the seme range.
Skills: Painting, Volleyball,
Strengths: Fairly fast, strong for his size, enormous amounts of random information
Weaknesses: Brattiness, tends to fart in his sleep, hitting his gem will immediatly floor him, claustrophobia.
Overall Personality: Cheerful and enthusiastic, but also very bratty. He hates to not get his way and will pout or yell when things go wrong. But he'll also be very sweet to people he likes, and refers to everyone as big brother or sister. He is very claustrophobic, after having spent five years inside a bottle when he was first created.

Parents/Guardians: Unknown
Siblings: He's stated that he has over 35 of them, but has not seen them in quite a while.
Place of birth: Venice, Italy
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Seisei's Bio
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