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 Practicing a bit more

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Hisoka Takumi


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PostSubject: Practicing a bit more   Fri Sep 18, 2009 6:24 pm

Hisoka walked into the music room calmly. He walked into the locker room and stepped in front of his locker and put in the combination. He takes a case out and sets it on a bench nearby and then opens it. Hisoka takes out a violin and then puts it up and then plays a couple of strings. He smiles and then he closes the case and puts it in the locker, then he takes out a music book and walks into the music room and sits down in front of a stand. He opens the book and then looks around and see's no one. He takes a deep breath and then puts the vioin up and starts to play a song that sounds like a lullaby.
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Practicing a bit more
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