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 Teaching Art (open)

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PostSubject: Teaching Art (open)   Thu Dec 04, 2008 3:28 pm

Yaru yawned softly, walking through the hallway since it been fairly recently that he had been starting out teaching at the school. Carrying carefully a large bag in his hands, he entered into the class as he was alittle early and wanted to set up some stuff before the students arrived. "Hm good..nice and quiet..time to get ready" the blonde thought with a smile and putting his stuff on the large oak desk infront of the chalkboard for the moment.

After setting up the easles and sketch paper when finishing the moving some of the desks back to create more room, he started to set up a small table in the front. Taking out a china blue vase with a small group of fresh red roses he had picked himself, a round thick candle and piece of table cloth he had managed to find at his apartment Yaru began trying to fix the centerpiece around; completely lost in his own world.
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Teaching Art (open)
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