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 Yaru Negisa

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PostSubject: Yaru Negisa   Thu Dec 04, 2008 5:33 am

Name: Yaru Negisa
Nickname: Yaru, Yaru-kun, Negi, Yaru-sensei or Negisa-sensei to students
Age: 24, looks younger however.
Birthday: December 20
Gender: Male
Height: 5'2''
Sexual Orientation: Gay
Relationship Status: Single
Race (human, vampire, lycan, anthro, etc.): Human
Occupation: Teacher

Build: Slender frame, often mistaken for a female.
Hair: Short, dirty blondish.
Eyes: Red
Clothing: Mostly casual cloths like sweaters and jeans, etc. In class he wears most baggy dressshirts and pants.
Identifying Marks: Has a sortof small diamond shaped scar in the middle of his chest from a past experience he doesn't talk much about.

Likes: Reading, animals, shopping, music, art, etc.
Dislikes: Thunderstorms, needles, visiting his parents, overly busy loud crowds, etc.
Fears: His mother
Goals: To find his true calling in life.
Seme or Uke (Top or Bottom): Uke.
Skills: Can cook fairly well despite that he can often be clumsy, Has skills also in art and music.
Strengths: Is very trustworthy and loyal. Has a generous heart.
Weeknesses: Can be stubborn at times, is very shy so its hard for him to express his feelings well.

Parents/Guardians: His father (Ryushi) and mother (Sango).
Siblings: Older brother (Haru) who lives in America.
Place of birth: Japan orginally but moved around alot as a child.

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PostSubject: Re: Yaru Negisa   Thu Sep 17, 2009 3:00 pm


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Yaru Negisa
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