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An all boys school yaoi RPG
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 Rules please read

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PostSubject: Rules please read   Fri Oct 24, 2008 5:43 pm

#1 All posts must be in third person format

#2 The posts must be more than a sentence long. Be descriptive!

#3 If a post is reserved for someone please say so in the title (reserved for:)

#4 Use OOC: in all posts made that are not in third person format.

#5 If a post is private please say so in the title (Private)

#6 If a post is open please say so in the title (open)

#7 Please use correct spelling and grammer.

#8 No godmodding!!!!

#9 Sex is allowed, after all this is a yaoi forum ^^

#10 Please follow the rules

#11 HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!
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Rules please read
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